Scottie Wheels Named Authorized Dealer of Menscer Shocks

Scottiewheels Racing #8 in the worls in Menscer Motorsports shocks sales and accessories. Not only do we personally run Menscer shocks, but we can assist you with your set up to include, shock choice, spring rates and customized tuning of the shocks for your applications. Menscer shocks are proven to be superior products in the industry with shock valving for cars running radials or slicks.

Most recently, Scottiewheels Racing teamed up with Noah Stein to outfit his no prep car with Menscer twin tube shocks on all 4 corners of his Malibu. We took full advantage of the tuning ability of the Menscer shock for street no prep and airport no prep races. With these changes and some excellent driving Noah took the win at the Nutty Money small tire AND West Virginia Airport win this year.

Let Scottiewheels Racing take you to your next win with our expertise and Menscer Shocks.