Aeromotive 11197 True Variable Speed In-Line Fuel Pump, 7.0 GPM



Aeromotives new Brushless Gear Pumps are now built in with 2 different controllers, the orginal standard configuration and the new true variable speed controller. The orginal standard configuration provides continuous full speed operation while the new true variable speed controller allows you to control the fuel flow.
Fuel injected engines:
Up to 4,800 FWHP on GAS – naturally aspirated
Up to 3,400 FWHP on GAS – forced air induction
Up to 3,360 FWHP on E85 – naturally aspirated
Up to 2,380 FWHP on E85 – forced air induction
E85 Compatible, reduce max FWHP by 30%
Lighter than the traditional external mount pumps.
Reduced current draw at higher, EFI pressures.
Extended service life in methanol and ethanol.
New integral spur-gear pumping mechanism.


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