Customer Logan Graves Runs first 4 sec 1/8 pass….

So about a month ago Scottiewheels Racing started helping Logan Graves with his whip… Logan has a lot of knowledge so it was easy to help him all the way in Texas from here in Connecticut. First time out we set up the suspension and made some small changes and went .30 faster than ever before. We then made some big changes that I wanted and finally got to the track for the first time today… We pulled a bunch of power out of the car due to the changes, and made more suspension changes. Logan was a bit apprehensive but I said trust me it will go fast… and BAM off the trailer he picks up .x2 and goes a new best 4.XX and that was letting off at 500 ft so we could check the tune. We got to see that the tune was real close so I put some power into it… well with the MarkandAlly Menscer Menscer Motorsports LLC almost full tight, the power came in and sort of wheelied lol…this car is going to fly…. we have a ton of power on the table…. Next is send the shocks to John Mellon to be tightened up a bit and pulled timing a little early on 2 step… Congrats Logan on the new best buddy.