Customer and Crew Member Mark Dill

Scottie Tuning Mark's Car

Most people are not as fortunate as I am…… no I’m not rich and I have the same problems as everyone else in life but all that goes away come race time. What I mean is I have the best team imaginable……. I get some help from people here and there but my dad is always by my side during the good runs and the bad. My dad is not just a  dad to me, we have a unique relationship. He is more my best friend then anything. We have a bond where he knows what I’m going to do or say and I do the same with him we do like everyone else have disagreements but that’s life and we usually learn from our disagreements. I am so very fortunate to be able to spend this time with my dad doing what we both love to do and because of that we always win no matter who is in the other lane or crosses the strip first. We have met so many wonderful people in this great sport that are like family that it’s a guarantee when we go to the track to watch without the car we always end up in someone’s pit helping rather than watching it’s just our passion!!!!!

Recently, we have made some major changes to our car, just short of a rebuild. Everything is different from chassis to engine to paint ! We have teamed up with good friend and awesome tuner Scott MacDonald from ScottieWheels Racing and took the car out for some testing and ran a personal best! We’ve got one bad ride coming to a track near you! In the mean time, you can say hi as we are crew members for Scottie and his MoneyShot Camaro. Scott is a very laid back guy who loves to tinker with the laptop so anyone looking to have their combo tuned should hit Scott up!